After many years of teaching and facilitating sessions with
Adult Catholics
- I find them to be eager to regain and recall the Catechism that they may have studied many years ago. This Web Site - Rekindling Our Faith – is aimed at Catholics who may have forgotten some of what they may have learned as children about their faith. You could also call this Web Site Catholic 101 – since it covers the basics.
My sessions at church meet weekly and we discuss a wide variety of subjects - and I make the use of extensive handouts. My subjects cover the basics through theology – but it is always presented in an understandable way.  

While these documents do not have an "Imprimatur" you should not find an error in faith nor morals. Some of these documents can be found in this web site.
Welcome to our web site
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Questions to Consider - do you know?

1) Why do Catholics use holy water?

2) What does the church teach about the "end times"?

3) What does it mean when the priest wears Vestments (clothing) of different colors celebrating mass?

4) Are numbers significant in the bible?

5) How are Saints made?

6) Why does the bible have two versions of Creation?

7) What is the difference between a Sacrament and a sacramental?

8) What is the hierarchy of the church and how is a new pope chosen?

9) What is Purgatory?

10) Why are traditions important to the Church?

Where are you in your faith?

+ Do you remember the old Batimore Catechism?

    - Who made you?

    - Why did God make you?

+ Were your teachers of the faith Catholics priests and nuns? Not that this was bad - but it just means that it was a long time ago!
+ Can you discuss/defend what you believe in?
+ How important is your faith to you?

You may find your answers here!



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