Internet Links

 This page contains the links to several trusted sources. Read the short description and click on the link to nagigate to that site.
The Vatican
This is the official Vatican web site and contains many good articles and discussions.
US Catholic Bishops
This is official web site for the US Catholic Bishops. It is an excellant source for such information as the Catechism and the new changes in the mass - and much more.
The Diocese of Beaumont
This is the official web site for our diocese.
Catholic Answers
This is an excellant web site. It has a variety of good catholic materials and is especially good as a Apologetic source.
Our Sunday Visitor
The weekly publication is an excellant source for what is happening in the Catholic world and teachings of the church. The web site has selected articles from its weekly publication.
New Advent
This is another great source and has an on line Catholic Encyclopedia - see the dictionary across the top.
National Catholic Register
Eternal Word Television Network
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