About Us

Our purpose is to rekindle the faith of those who have been catechized - perhaps many years ago - but do not always remember what (or why) they were taught. The goal is to give them the tools they need in a simple yet complete and understandable manner. These files are just a sample of those on my hard drive and are what I use for my weekly Catechesis classes.

I am a retired electrical engineer who spent many years in companies such as General Electric and Caterpillar. As part of my job I also taught engineering subjects and saw the wisdom of providing handouts for any of the materials. I have adapted this concept to teachings of the Catholic faith. We call the program Rekindling Our Faith because it describes that goal - to revitalize the faith.Many of my documents are as originally written for Saint Mary's Church in Freeport, Texas. They have the theme of a "5-Minute Catechism" and were intended to cover a small item of the Catholic faith that could be read quickly - and published weekly in the church bulletin. These are one-page documents.

Several of the longer ones were as written for the weekly Adult Education sessions. All documents may be copied as needed for your private use but I only ask that you do not make any changes to them. With a few exceptions, all of the documents were as written by me - using my library and Internet sources. Take note that you can either just view the document and/or download a copy. Occasionally, due to the server interpretation of images, the viewed copy may move the image - but the downloaded copy is correct as I have written it.

Good reading and may the Holy Spirit open your heart and mind to the Word of God.

Finally - if you do not have Microsoft Word installed in your computer you can download a free viewer with the link which follows. I have not tried it but it is supposed to be similar to the viewer for Adobe documents.


Your brother in Christ - Stella Maris Ministries