This page contains several PowerPoint presentations that may be of interest to many. I created some of these myself and others arrived in my in e-mail inbox. For example, I created the Footprints, Lent, The Church Calendar and Creation ones to be used in an RCIA retreat evironment.

Some of these will open up in a screen show mode and all you have to do is use your "space" bar to navigate through it. Others are automated and will play by themselves. Others will open up in the PowerPoint application and you just need to select the screen show tab to begin.

Please be advised that these files tend to be large due to the graphics and pictures used such as the one I did for a tour of the Holy Land. You will need a good Internet high speed connection to download them. Finally, if you do not have the PowerPoint application, I believe that you can still download a reader version from the Microsoft web site. The reader application operates much like the Adobe reader versions.

I offer these for your enlightenment and enjoyment. One of my favorites is Little Angels - sent to me by a friend. Enjoy...