This page has some special documents which I call "Catholic 101". Similar to those written using the title "5-Minute Catechism", these are intended to look at what we believe in - but from the perspective of what it means to Catholics. That is, Catholics can identify a litany of things which Catholics profess to believe in - what does it really mean to us? If you asked the typical Catholic what it meant to be Catholic they are likely to respond with a litany of tenants of the faith. These replies might include: The sacraments, the mass, the Eucharist, the bible, the people, Christian values, prayers, Mary, the Saints, and dozens of other responses.

These responses are all good– especially if we have enthusiastically embraced them - but there is so much more than if we just stack them up like Boy Scout badges. That is, our responses might include some or all of these but what does it mean to be a Catholic? How does all of this come together – and does it matter? Everything does indeed matter as it helps to define what we are.