This folder contains several documents aimed at helping Catholics understand their faith well enough to be able to discuss it with someone. By doing so - they will actually learn about their faith.

The chart above shows the approximant breakdown of the populations of the major religions of the world.

The documents labeled "Apologetics" look at the Catholic faith from the perspective of questions that may be presented from someone not of the faith. They are arranged in categories with a specific question. I use the format of responding with a scriptural reference (if applicable) followed by a short discussion. I also never use negative references to peoples of other beliefs and show respect to them.

Another category includes a look at the various religions of the world. I make a comparison to the beliefs with those critical beliefs of Roman Catholics - also with respect to them. The chart on the right shows the distribution of the world's population amongst the major religions. Take note that the fourth largest of people (14%) fall into the category of non-believers!